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Amazon Affiliates Disclaimer

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What does this mean?

My being a participant only means that, if you click on an Amazon link that appears somewhere in The Littlest Spark, I may receive (a very small) compensation for providing the referral link. Any referral compensation I receive is going to help support the monthly cost of operating the site and continuing the research I do to deliver quality content.

Does participating in the Amazon Affiliates program influence your recommendations?

No, I will never recommend a product or encourage anyone to purchase anything I don’t think aligns with my core values. I will also always try to find the “best” possible product to recommend for any given situation, regardless of vendors.

If I find a product that I believe is worth reviewing and recommending on The Littlest Spark and Amazon does not offer it, for example, I will not go out of my way to find a lesser equivalent that’s available on Amazon just to get the referral bonus.